Monday, April 22, 2013

Farm, Fairfield, VA

Farm, Fairfield, VA
Oil on canvas, 10x10

AS I SETTLE BACK into life in Wachapreague, start winding down the Tubac trip paintings and starting painting for the summer show season, I have heard myself say - more than once - "the trip was great, the West is gorgeous, but there's no place more beautiful than Wachapreague." 
Thinking about that, I have realized that the painting trips I have taken have been about discovery - and rediscovery. 

One of life's great pleasures - for me - is to seek the beauty of a place where I've never been, and then find it and paint it. 

Doing this brings my senses alive. It challenges me to see what is captivating and enchanting. It entreats me to become engaged in the present and to forget my own self, my past, my future. It invites me to fall in love. 

The great joy has been to see home with those same discovering eyes, and to find myself as pleased and as taken by home as I have been with the magic of the landscapes far away. 

Here's the photo of the farm I painted in Fairfield, VA


I NOW HAVE TWO sponsors for my next trip - and I don't even know where or when that trip will be. But I am open to suggestion... so: ideas? 

I'm going to come up with three or four possible destinations, and then let the sponsors decide. With luck and good timing, I'll find shows in those places, too.  


I HAVE PUT the Tubac trip paintings up on Gallery Sprout, a fabulous website created by Peter Bachelder, to help artists show and track their work. One of my great sponsors introduced me to it, and it's great! 

To see the paintings all in one place (I still have some to add, but we're getting there), go to, and search for carrie jacobson. Otherwise, try clicking here, and then click on the thumbnails. This is not ideal, and I am working on a way for you to see all the paintings larger than thumbnail and on one page, but this is a start.  

At the end of the month, I am going to begin asking for your choices, so please start thinking about which painting(s) you want! 

 These horses were having a nice breakfast on this 43-degree morning, just outside of Quinby

Here's our house, at the most beautiful time of the year. Well, maybe mid-week, it will be even more lovely, when the rest of the azaleas bloom, and the pink dogwood really pops. 

A pretty spring road near Wachapreague

Just outside of downtown Wachapreague. These boats will probably be in the water soon. 

Main Street in beautiful Wachapreague

Dawn over the salt marsh on Sunday, just down the street from our house. 

Here's me painting in Harshaw, Arizona! This photo was taken by the sister of Carol Keil, 
an artist who lives in Tubac

Here's Peter! 

And here is Ellie, the Dog of the Day. She's the best pal of Patricia Holloway, 
who writes a lovely blog called Missives from Missouri

I'd love to feature your dog as Dog of the Day! Please send a jpg via email to

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