Friday, October 2, 2009

Exciting Day

Kaja. Oil on stretched canvas, 24x24. Contact Sandy at Center Framing & Art in West Hartford for price and delivery information.

Giant. Oil on stretched canvas, 24x36. Contact Sandy at Center Framing & Art for pricing and delivery information.

It was only with the exercise of the utmost discipline that I managed to keep myself from going to West Hartford Center this morning and watching as the hired, professional window dresser arranged my 21 dog paintings in the front window of Center Framing & Art.

Instead, I took a couple dogs to the vet, spent an frightening amount of money on shots and tests, went to Ledyard town hall and registered them, came home and fed everyone, then checked my cell phone and found a message from Sandy, who owns Center Framing.

The paintings had been up in the window for an hour and a half, and 30 people had already come in to the gallery, wanting to know how much they were, when they would be for sale, and how they could get me to paint their dogs.

Yippee! This is just tremendously exciting, marvelously invigorating, wildly affirmative.

Of course, none of it has translated into one red cent yet, but it will. I know it will.

And on top of all this, Sandy wanted more paintings. So I made two more, this huge German shepherd, and then my lovely red dog, Kaja.

She is doing well, and that's the best news of all, really. She's more active, clearly happy and interested - and no more seizures or strokes.

I will bring these two paintings to Sandy tomorrow, and I'll take some photos of the display and post them here. Exciting!

Thank you, as always, for reading.

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Unknown said...

How lucky Sandy is to have such a talented artist render paintings to order! Kaja is gorgeous!