Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yowza Cowza

Yowza Cowza
Oil on gessoboard panel, 8x8, $125 framed

My life gets too complicated.

Well, that's not quite true.

I complicate my life, and I do it without knowing I am, and I am so, so good at it.

Really, in most of my life, I simply need to get from point A to point B, and that's it. No one cares if I do it in an inventive way, no one cares if I do it better than anyone else. No one cares if I do it creatively, or with great passion, or great energy. Get there. That's it. Get back.

If I can keep from complicating certain things (read: job), I can direct the creativity and the passion, the inspiration and the energy to my painting, where it belongs. I can direct the love to my family, and my dogs and cats, and my friends, where it belongs.

These cows don't complicate things for themselves. I can learn from them. I must.


Suzanne said...

I like "Yowza Cowza"... Very nice.

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, Suzanne! It was a fun little painting. I'm going to do it large one of these days