Friday, March 25, 2011

Afternoon Sun

Afernoon Sun

Let's just say that Paradise City was no paradise for me.

The show itself was fabulous! The stuff there was absolutely gorgeous - glassware that looked like the morning breeze swirling over a valley, tabletops made from slices of tree trunks my arms could not span, clothing made from handmade fabrics the color of a summer's dawn - and I saw people buying. All around me, people were buying - buying jewelry, and T-shirts, mugs and cast-iron candlesticks.
But no one was buying paintings.

I was one of five painters in the show, and we all bombed. Many of them have been doing this far longer than I have, and said that this show is usually one of their best.

I had lots of positive comments on my work. Lots of engagement. I met interesting people and had interesting conversations. But it was an exhausting and expensive few days.

So I am home now, licking my wounds and gathering my courage to go on to the next show - another Paradise City venture, this one in Northampton, Mass. I had a good show in this venue last year, and so I am hopeful.

And I love this painting!


Birdie said...

Carrie, this is a beautiful painting and yes the 'morning after' a disaster is a bear. But you move on with fresh eyes and a big smile and you will do well at the next show!

carrie jacobson said...

Oh, Thank you, Birdie! I know - it's part of the learning process. And I'm up again, I'm standing and smiling, and it is all going to be fine. Thanks so much for your comment and your support!

Bonnielynn said...

There will be ups and there will be downs in the art show business. I have, unfortunately, seen both.
You just have to keep on keeping on and don't let it get to you, or it will have an effect on your whole being.
Your art is way too beautiful for you to lose.
That's the funny thing about art......everyone has their own tastes about it and they aren't always like ours.
Your paintings have walked out the door before and they will again.

Unknown said...

You'll never know what seed you planted with one of those contacts. At least you're showing! I've yet to do that!

I think this "Afternoon Sun" has turned a page in the progression of your work. It's the best I've seen!

carrie jacobson said...

thanks so much, sheila - really, if that is what I had to go through to get this painting, so be it.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Sheila - And yup, you're right. Nobody ever said this would be easy - and if I had to go through a crappy show to launch myself into whatever the next phase of this is, so be it. I love this painting, too!