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Monday, March 12, 2012

Buttonwood Cows

Buttonwood Cowscape
Oil on canvas, 24x48
Please contact me for price and delivery options

I am hoping hoping hoping that this painting is dry enough to transport on Thursday, so I can bring it to the Paradise City show in Marlborough, MA!  It has everything, doesn't it? Sunflowers, cows and a really cool stone wall.

This is a somewhat frantic time for me, as I report and write like a fiend, to get my Montville Patch work done, as much as possible, before I leave for the show. Meantime, I am doing the finish work on paintings (painting the bottoms, putting hanging wires on them, making sure I've signed them...) and trying hard to remember every little item and doodad that I bring to shows. The wheels are rusty, that's for sure.

1 comment:

Patrice said...

Take deep breaths.

You'll be great.

Visited your editorial profile. What fun photos of you!

Safe travels.

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