Thursday, December 29, 2011


Oil on canvas, 12x12
Please contact me for price and delivery options

How can you not love a pug? Those eyes, those ears, that snorting... We have a pug granddaughter, along with the regular human grandchildren, and while this is not her, it has some of her expression, for sure.


Turns out that my recent painting of the turtle is not sold - long story - so if anyone is interested in him, please let me know. In the meantime, I have another frog to paint, and oh yes, there are landscapes, too.


Those of you who receive my blog by email... would you please go to the real site - click here to reach it - The Accidental Artist -  and let me know: 

  • a. if you can see the whole flipcard thing and
  • b. what you think of it? 


This week between Christmas and New Year's has been relaxed and easy and fun for me. I have read, I have cooked, I have shopped - all pursuits that have been pretty much nonexistent in my life these past 16 months or so.

 I didn't realize how much I had missed them.

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