Sunday, November 18, 2012

Afternoon Storm in the Keys

Afternoon Storm in the Keys
Oil on canvas, 10x20, $200

What is it that drives us to continue, through storms, through rough seas, through struggles with fear and failure and doubts about the future?

For me, some days, it is as simple as the color of the sky at dawn. It is the first yellow leaves of autumn, the quiet of snow falling at night, the smell of dust in the early moments of a summer rain.

It is a warm dog close by my side, the spicy tang of marigolds, the scent of coffee brewing in a sunny kitchen.

Some days, what gets me through is a song I play again and again, or a quote I stumble over quite by chance, or the words of a friend, spoken in love or in comfort.

It is the thought of home, the memory of my mother, the sense of wonder and glory that I feel every single morning. What gets me through is love and faith and the knowledge that this day, this single dawning day, this day is the day that we have.

i'd love to know what gets you through the tough times. Please share, if you like, in the comments!


carrie jacobson said...

Ah, Shea, you're a dear, thank you. I really need kind words today, having done two shows in a row in florida with no sales. Sigh. Honestly, the support of friends and family is what is getting me through. I'll try Florida in January, and if that's a big fat zero, too, I guess I will just stay away!

AnfinsenArts Alive said...

Well said! Your words evoke beautiful images just as your artwork does. Your work is full of energy and life!

Sara said...

beautifully said! I completely agree with your's the simple things that I treasure most.