Thursday, December 13, 2012


Oil on canvas, 12x12

I loved painting Julius. His expression captivated me, and his eyes just pulled me in entirely. If you click on the photograph, it will enlarge, and you can see the colors and the textures up closer. I really like this painting!

This Christmas season, like the past two, I am making a lot of animal portraits. Many of them are memorial portraits. Like Julius, the pets have died.

I'd encourage all of you, if you think you want a portrait of your pet, to find an artist to make the portrait now, while the animal you love is alive and loving you back. Always when people have me do memorial portraits, they wish they'd done it when their treasured friend was living.

So think about that, for yourself, for your spouse, for your parents. If my style doesn't work for you - and it doesn't work for everyone, I know that - find a painter or a photographer or a collager or a sculptor whose art makes you happy - and make a resolution to get that portrait in 2013.


The December painting sale will continue through the end of the month, but in all likelihood, if you buy something now it won't arrive in time for the holiday, since I am leaving for a week on the road on Friday.

But if that happens, I'll be happy to send a Christmas email with a photo of the piece to the recipient, and let him or her know that it's coming!

On Saturday, I'll be painting in front of Center Framing & Art, 56 LaSalle Road, West Hartford Center, CT, with the fabulously talented Ronet Noe. Stop by and say hi! There will be lots of Christmas cheer, and some fun painting, and who knows what else? We'll be on the sidewalk from 10 a.m. to at least 2 p.m., weather permitting.

Now to go hunt down my winter clothes....

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