Saturday, April 27, 2013

And Away We Go - with Delphiniums

Oil on canvas, 18x24
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Isn't this a cool painting? I love it so much! And on Sunday, it will be up in my tent at the Art on the Square show in Williamsburg, VA.

The show is on from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It's a one-day show, with set-up starting at 5 a.m. Yowch! Nonetheless, I am excited about it, and about the whole season starting. I have good feelings about sales and shows and spring and summer.

In the past two days, I've been bumped from the wait list in two shows, the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach, June 13-16, and the Amagansett Fine Arts Show, in Amagansett, NY, July 5-7.

To see the rest of my show schedule - and plan your own summer art viewing! - check out my website, Jacobson Arts.


A couple tidbits:

YESTERDAY, I WENT around Accomack, the county seat, went into a couple businesses and a couple government offices, with a big tear in the back of my pants. It wasn't until the wind blew, and I felt it on the backs of my thighs, that I discovered the problems. Arrgghh!

Reminds me of the story a friend told me about her first day of work at a newspaper in a big Midwestern city. She was happy that she'd found an apartment within walking distance of the paper.

She walked to work that first day and thought - What a friendly city! Everyone is honking and waving at me, and smiling!

Later, she found out that she'd inadvertently caught the hem of her skirt in the waistband of her pantyhose. Sigh.


THE NEWEST EDITION of "Paws for Charity" is now available. Created by Sara Harley, it's a book of art about animals. I have been lucky enough to have my art included for two years now. The books are beautiful, the art is stunning and fun and varied, and all proceeds go to help shelter animals. ALL PROFITS. The books are available in hard and soft cover. The hardcovers are $11 more, Sara says, but make great coffee table books and are well worth it. I'd add that one of these books would make a great present for Mother's Day or Father's Day, or any birthday or any animal-lover. To see the books, click here:
You can also get the book as an eBook: 


AND FINALLY, the dog of the day is Charlie, Sara Harley's new pup! Want your dog to be Dog of the Day? Send me a jpg of him/her/them -

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Sara said...

Lovely painting! Thanks for featuring our new addition.