Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Penelope the Goat

Oil on canvas, 14x14, $245

Yesterday, my friend Susan and I went to my friend Sharon's house and we painted goats! Sharon and her husband have a small herd, which they keep mostly as pets. In the past, they sold them for meat, but I think that's mostly done now. Penelope and her pals have a great life in a pretty little field , and they have warm houses and lots of friends and seem extremely happy. And I think that if you're going to have goats, you want happy goats!

Here are some more photos:

Those are Sharon's legs, above, and that's Susan, below. 


Shameless Self-Promotion 
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Dog of the Day

It's Puffy! Puffy falls raptly, passionately and totally in love with things and sometimes people, on a revolving basis. For a while, she was in love with a small wooden footstool we had, and could not be separated from it. Then, it was a piece of cardboard that had fallen to the floor. Then, it was me, and she was cloyingly clingy. Then it was a big cardboard box. Then a series of small cardboard boxes. Now, this letter box. And I do believe it's a federal offense for me to have this box at home - and probably a hanging offense for Puffy to be in love with it! 

A Final Thought

"Here's to freedom, cheers to art.
Here's to having an excellent adventure
and may the stopping never start." 
- Jason Mraz

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