Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pier and re-a-pier... or Pier Repair

Watch Hill Pier, oil on stretched canvas, 4x8
please contact me for price and shipping/delivery info

I made the first version of this small painting on Sunday, after painting a larger one that included more of the frozen bay. There was something amiss in the larger one, but I couldn't suss out what it was.

I got closer with the smaller one, but still, something was wrong. So yesterday, as the snow swirled and blew and covered everything again, I went down to the basement and began to paint. Working from my Sunday paintings, I did a third one. It was better, but still, I was missing the mark.

It wasn't until I was about to put these all aside and start on something else that I realized that the perspective on the pilings was just as wrong as it could be.

Sure, that didn't fix the myriad other problems I'd noticed. Repainting the pilings didn't teach me how to get the reflections to dance, or teach me how to make the water both flat and choppy - but I believe those skills will come.

For my eyes, repainting the pilings fixed the painting as a piece. Now, the lines draw me in, and bring me to those curves of open water. Now, I want to look down at the reflections. Now, I want to follow the edge of the ice and think about what's happening.

Thanks for reading!


James Parker said...

Carrie, you have been chosen to receive an Art Blog Award...drop my place and pick it up. And, LOL, earlier I commented on the pier (below). When I came back to tell ya about the Art Blog Award, I thought I was going bonkers..the painting was different...but I see that it's a "re-pier" I like both, but these deeper colors and pier detail, really stand out. Oh, and come see what Akiko has done on WTTW-Art.

carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Jim - Thanks for the kind words about my re-a-piering painting, and also for the award. I am truly touched and honored!

I don't know quite what I should be doing, but my guess is that that will become clear.

Best wishes,


Unknown said...

Love the colors of the water. I'm glad I'm not the only one that redoes her paintings. I'm about to redo a larger piece for the fourth time!

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Carrie! You resolved the pier painting nicely in this re-pier!

I might even say.... Your purposeful pontification of said pier painting produced a powerful piece!!....=]...

carrie jacobson said...

Alarmingly alluring alliteration, Robin. Thanks!

Jill said...

I'm so ridiculously busy at work I can't even pick my head up, but I wanted you to know that I'm reading your blog and loving your work and even enjoying Peter's sassy remarks on my Hygienic page... I'm loving the most watching your evolution.