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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quiet night

Quiet Night. Oil on stretched canvas, 14x16

This is the first portrait I've tried that's come out somewhere close to OK. It's a scene I know well - my husband reading, with a dog sleeping by his side. Our big red chair, the floor that needs a rug, the ottoman with books and papers piled on it.

Actually, there are more books and papers than I've painted here, but I will save those details for another painting. My purpose in this one was to get the mood, and to paint a human who looked like he was alive, and who resembles my husband. I'm pretty happy on both counts.


MHFiler said...

nice job, i especially love the way you captured the lamp being turned on

Carrrie Jacobson said...

Hey, Michelle - thanks for the note and for looking. I like the lamplight, too. Hey, I found your blog and left you a comment, so don't forget to look (says the one with no memory at all).