Monday, February 15, 2010

The Storm Lifts

The Storm Lifts
Oil on canvas, 24x24,

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What great responses to my recent comments on success!

The encouragement I received from you, in the blog, via email, in person, was just spectacular. Thank you. I was not seeking encouragement, really - I was just talking, just sharing. But you were all so thoughtful and so kind. I am grateful.

It is heartening, too, to know that so many of you are asking the same questions in your own lives. Asking what "success" is, how you define and measure it and how your sense of it is changing.

One thing I've realized in the past few days - and honestly, have realized again and again during these years - is that I am living a life so rich, so full of purpose, so imbued with creativity that it simply does not include failure. Truly, I never dreamed that living could feel this wonderful.

I have time for the people who matter in my life. I have time to think, to talk, to love - and to paint. And all of it informs and enriches the rest of it. If I died tomorrow, I would die happy and fulfilled - and until I left the corporate world, I could never have said that.

So I am reinvigorated, and refreshed, and I am thankful.


Patrice said...

I'm really liking your palette here, and I love the abstract quality it has too.

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, Patrice - this is the one I made from the sketchy abstract I made during the snowstorm. I am going to try to make another, even more abstract - the more abstract, the better I like them - and yet somehow, in the heat of the painting, Itend to forget that!

MHFiler said...

this is a FREAKIN" great piece. wow!!!!!!