Thursday, July 11, 2013

Safe at Anchor

Safe at Anchor
Oil on canvas, 12x48
The storms move in, and with them comes the promise of relief, a cooling off, a waning of humidity. 

In these thick days, the slightest effort leaves me slick and stained with sweat. I train myself to consider it cleansing, a gift, a way to chase the toxins out. Native Americans use sweat lodges. Norsemen use saunas. This year, all of us on the East Coast simply use the summer. 

Even painting raises perspiration. And it is OK. What I don't like are the bugs, the ticks, the wasps, the huge green flies that take chunks out of me. 

So I use the bug spray, and I use the sun screen, and I use deodorant, and I drink water All The Time, and I remember to be grateful. 

This summer, I am outdoors. This summer, July's heat has crept into my skin and into my bones. This summer, the long arcs of evening aren't wasted on me. I am out in them, and savoring them, and sweating in them. 


Dogs of the Day

Here are Catherine Lenoci's three dogs! From left, Georgia, a mini Australian shepherd who was given to Cat by her kids when she turned 50... next is Guinness, a full-sized Aussie, and Whitey, a 10-year-old Lab. 

I met Cat years ago at the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. She bought a painting from me, signed up for the blog, and we've been friends ever since. She's an artist, too, who makes delightful paintings, but doesn't sell them. 

Want your pets to be the dog of the day? Send a jpg to me at

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