Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunny Valley - and Old Saybrook Coming Up!

Sunny Valley Road
Oil on canvas, 18x24
Please contact me for price and delivery options

I've been away from home, and away from Peter for a while now, and it shows on me, I think.  Peter sets me right. When I am with him, the gears that make me run mesh smoothly. It's easier to make decisions, and they feel more solid. 

But I have spent time with good friends on this trip, and am on my way to spend time with family, and I talk to my sister every day, and all that helps, too. 

I've spent some time thinking about what puts me right and what puts me wrong...

Bad food
Bad sleep
Mean people
No sales

These things all put me wrong. 

What puts me right, aside from Peter and home and family, is

Good friends
Good food, and especially cooking good food
Having an excellent audiobook
Meeting nice dogs. 

What about you? 


THE OLD SAYBROOK Arts and Crafts Show is Saturday and Sunday in Old Saybrook, CT. It's the 50th year of the show, and I am happy to be in it! I'll be in Booth 87, which apparently is near Main Street and Liberty Bank. So if you are around Southeastern Connecticut this weekend, please stop by and say hello! 

Dog of the Day

THIS IS SOX the final Lori Rowe Dog of the Day. Isn't he a cutie? 

Want your pet to be Dog of the Day? Send a jpg to me at

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