Monday, October 14, 2013

Salt Marsh Sunrise - and Calendars Again

Salt Marsh Sunrise
Oil on canvas, 10x10

Thanks to everyone who sent me their get-well wishes. I am getting well! Finally!

My brother and I were emailing about how a temporary downturn like this, a head cold/fever/whatever that would not go away, can make everything look gloomy. And you think you'll never be well, and life will be gray and dim forever, and your energy, verve, intelligence and optimism are just gone.

And boo-hoo, poor me, in the wide view of things, this was just nothing. This wasn't cancer or diabetes or MS or a back injury, or a bad hip, or any of the terrible things that could befall any of us at any time. This was just a head cold, with an extra dollop of something, stirred over a fire of exhaustion and physical depletion.

I will do my best to remember, the next time this happens, that it will be over, it will go away, and the only way through it is, well, through it.


IN MY ILLNESS-INDUCED stupor, I failed to link correctly from the icons of my Two New 2014 Calendars! This time, if you click on the icon, you'll actually be taken to the page where you can see all the pages and place an order!

Just in case you don't like clicking on photos, here's the link for the landscape painting calendar

And here's the link for the pet portrait calendar

The calendars are $19.99 each, plus shipping. They're beautiful and fun - you should buy them for all your friend and family members! If you want 10 or more, please contact me for a bulk price.

I'm also working on a hardcover book of paintings and writing, which should be done and available by the end of the week. Exciting!

Dog of the Day

My friend Patty Kiersten, a dear woman and talented painter, sent me this photo of Jack (on the bottom) and Honey, astride him. Honey, who died days after this photo was taken, had neurological problems and was only happy and comfortable when she was on top of Jack like this. He was fine with it, and I am sure that between Patty and Jack, Honey had as much love as any dog ever had.

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