Friday, June 27, 2014

Duke - and Manayunk, Too

Oil on canvas, 12x12, commission

I had a fun time painting Duke, a calm Weimeraner,  who lives in South Carolina. The commission came to me after the show I did in Pendleton, and it was a Father's Day present for the buyer's husband. 

Their son liked it, too! I am particularly glad to see that I was painting for a Red Sox fan. We all need something special this season, all of us Sox fans... 


I AM HAPPILY back home for a few weeks, before heading to Rhode Island for the Wickford Art Festival, July 12 and 13. And it's great to be home, just great. 

I had a pretty good show in Manayunk, PA. Not a great one, but well worth doing. And it was fun! The area where the show took place is the main drag in Manayunk, and it was a lovely spot, filled with interesting shops, restaurants with outdoor terraces, and lots of people with great dogs. 

This bichon had a stroke when she was young - just about 3, her owner said. The owner got her some wheels, and she took to them right away. This was a happy, lively dog, much adored. 


I HAD SOME nice sales at the show in Manayunk. I had fun with the couple who bought the North Carolina storm painting, and a good conversation with the man who bought the painting of Las Cruces. I failed to take a photo of the very cool woman who bought one of my sunflower paintings, but you'll be hearing more about her in the future!

One of my paintings,  "Riders on the Storm," below, is now hanging in the home of the man who was William Penn's personal secretary! I love that!

The man who bought the piece was as nice as could be. He and his wife and four children "blew up our lives," he said, moving from the suburbs to downtown Philadelphia. They bought the house, which is right near Independence Hall and all the famous Philly stuff - and they began a major, major renovation. I'm just tickled that my contemporary cowboy painting is hanging in a home of such history.

Dog of the Day

This guy, who is about 11, clearly adores his human. But what he adores even more, she told me, is bananas. That's what's going on here - sheer and unadulterated banana lust. 

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