Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Down on the Farm - and a Fly Genocide

Down on the Farm
Oil on canvas, 6x12

I've been sleeping around a lot on this trip to Connecticut... First at our daughter's home, second at my sister's home, and third, at the home of Cynthia and Kevin. It's been fun, and I've seen a lot of Connecticut on the way. 

This small painting, which I love for its green and its quiet, I made somewhere near Storrs, on Spring Valley Farm,  a student farm owned by the University of Connecticut. I didn't see much farming happening, and I saw no farmers at all. 

But I did see a gigantic number of flies, which buzzed and droned and flew and crawled all over me, and all over the van, the entire time I painted. 

I just gritted my teeth and concentrated and applied myself to my painting and ignored the flies. If I'd started swatting them, I'd never have finished the painting. 

But afterwards, in the van, I was the architect of a fly massacre. I smacked flies, lunged at flies, hit flies, targeted flies, bashed and smashed and murdered flies, in cold blood. And still, three of them drove with me for the entire afternoon. 

Honestly, I admit, I did feel bad about killing the flies. They really weren't doing me any harm, and they are God's creatures, but I just couldn't stand them.  

Here's my painting in the landscape. 

DON'T FORGET the Westport Fine Arts Fair, on Saturday and Sunday! It takes place in downtown Westport, at the edge of the parking lot behind the main shopping area, and it looks like an excellent show. I'll be in Booth 60, near the entrance to the "island." (You'll see!) For more info, click here. 

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