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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coneflowers - and More Coneflowers

Coneflowers I
Oil on canvas, 10x10 

Continuing down the path I started clearing the other day, I decided to try my hand at some coneflowers. And thinking about a suggestion Coach Joe made a couple months ago, I think I'm going to declare Fridays "Flower Fridays." Whenever I am here on a Friday, I will be painting flowers. 

Sunflowers, delphiniums, coneflowers, zinnias - what else? What other flowers would you like to see me paint? 

I do love painting flowers, even though I still don't really like "pretty." I think flowers are miracles of nature. They are pretty, sure, but to me, they are more bursts of color, bright proofs of God, scolorful examples of the science of Darwinism - and some of the simple and pure delights of summer. 

Coneflowers II
Oil on canvas, 10x10

Dog of the Day
Here's Vinny! He lives with Ruth Hamel and Tim Schreiner, in Red Stick, LA (Baton Rouge...). Ruth is a fabulous writer, who has an excellent food blog, and at least one book to her credit. 



I always love watching milk curl and unfurl its way into iced coffee... 

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