Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcome Abby! And an Occasion for the Arts

Oil on canvas, 12x12
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A couple months ago, after Sammy died, Peter started looking at dogs on the Internet. I was OK with his looking, and I knew I would be OK with it when he found a dog to adopt. And I knew he would. 

I wasn't looking for another dog. I was happy with the four we had, the pack as it stood. But we have time and space and energy for another dog, and as long as Peter was willing to be the one to train and take care of the new dog, it was fine. 

I have Jojo, dog of my heart. When I am home, she is my constant companion, at my side all the time, as happy to be with me as I am to be with her. She is the kind of dog you imagine having when you're a kid, the dog who is your friend and compadre. I am her human and she is my dog. 

Peter had that sort of relationship with Sam, and with Looie, both of whom died within the past year. He doesn't have that relationship with any of the others. Neither of us does. 

Woodreau, the bichon who was so abused, is no one's dog. He can be sweet, but he is so damaged that proximity is about the best he can do in terms of showing love. Smokey, the chow-sharpei, is his own dog. And little blind 15-year-old Zoe really doesn't want to snuggle, and can't do much running or hanging around. So I could really understand it, Peter's desire. 

When he found Abigail, I knew he'd lost his heart to her. And so, on Monday, he drove to near Asheville, NC, and got her. 

She is a Mountain Cur, a long-legged, sweet-tempered, great-looking dog, with soulful eyes.  There were a couple bumps the first hour or so, but within a day, Abby and Jojo were racing around the yard together, and they all were gathered at the fence, and at the window, to bark at everyone going by. Already, our old dogs (they range from 8 to 14) are acting younger. 

Here she is - isn't she beautiful? I have to admit, I have fallen a little in love with her myself. 

An Occasion for the Arts runs this weekend, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days, in Merchant's Square, downtown Williamsburg. I will be in Booth A-8, on the Duke of Gloucester Street. I'm pretty excited, and hope to see you all there. 

Dog of the Day
It's Jojo! Dog of my heart. 

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