Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Golden Fields

Golden Fields
Oil on black canvas, 36x60

I work hard to take good photographs of my paintings, and for my birthday, Peter gave me a good camera, a real camera (not just my phone). I'm still learning my way around it, and can already see that it's going to help. 

The one thing I can say is that, in most instances, if there has to be a gap between the quality of the paintings and the quality of the photographs, I'd rather have the paintings look better in real life than vice versa! 

I'M HEADING TO New England on Wednesday, to take part in the Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA. The show runs from Saturday through Monday at the Three County Fairgrounds, 54 Old Ferry Road, Northampton. I'll be in Booth 909, in the Arena Building. It's a really fun show, filled with high-end art and craft, beautiful stuff. There is an entry fee, but there's a coupon for a discount on the website. And one of my paintings is featured on the webpage about the show!


Yes! Cowart Street! I should have gotten someone to take a photo of me with a cowscape beneath this sign. Next time I'm in Chattanooga, for sure! 

Dog of the Day

This is Lisle's cat, looking affronted that I dared to drive down her street 
here in Wachapreague. She marched along in front of the car 
for quite some time, until she finally headed to a lawn, 
where she could stare at me accusingly. 

A Final Thought

"Art and love are the same thing: 
It's the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you." 
- Chuck Klosterman

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