Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Take Me to the River

 Take Me to the River
Oil on black canvas, 36x60

The people of Richmond came out to Arts in the Park last weekend, in spite of lousy weather, cold temperatures, mud, slop and even some downpours. It was an excellent show for me, all because the good folks who live in Richmond didn't let the weather keep them inside. 

A happy buyer with "Take Me to the River."
My first experience with rain at a show was years ago in Mystic, CT. It was either my first or second Mystic show, and while the Saturday was OK, on Sunday, it poured. Sheets of rain. Torrents. Many of the artists packed up and went home, but I stayed. For starters, we lived only a few miles away, and I had nothing better to do. Also, I had committed to the weekend, to being there, and I felt that I should honor my commitment. 

So I sat there in the rain, and lo and behold, sold seven paintings. It was a miracle, really, and taught me a good lesson. 

Rain has ruined a lot of shows in which I've participated - but it hasn't ruined all of them. I'm grateful to everyone who slogged out in the rain and cold and mud, to look at and even buy art. Thank you! 

Dog of the Day

Saw this guy out in Arizona, guarding the Arivaca Road.

A Final Thought

"A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because 
all things in nature are dark, except where exposed by the light." 

- Leonardo DaVinci

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