Thursday, February 2, 2017


Oil on canvas, 10x20

Well, the show in Florida was terrible for me, just terrible. I sold one small painting and three pillows, and that was it. The people at the show liked my paintings - but didn't want to part with their money. So I think the bottom line is that Florida just doesn't like me. And that's OK. I will put it on the list with a couple other states I believe I should avoid. 

After the show in the Not-So-Full-of-Sunshine State (it was cold and rainy for most of the show), I headed for Arizona - and am still heading there. For some reason, this trip has seemed loooong. I mean, it IS long - but this time, it's felt long. But I'm in El Paso, getting the oil changed in my van, so I'm almost done with the longest part of the drive - Texas. 

I had to wonder, as I was driving through West Texas, why it is that I love the open nothingness of Montana and Wyoming, while the open nothingness of Texas makes me just long to be gone. 

If you're in southern Arizona next week - and who wouldn't want to be??? - please come to the show in Tubac! It runs from Wednesday through Sunday. I'll let you all know my booth number when I have it, but I'm hoping I'll be in my regular space, on Plaza Road near Bunnuel Street. 

Stuff  You've Seen
This fun sign is from my friend Laurel, visiting New Mexico. Good sign! If you have a photo of something fun or funny or poignant or just something that needs to be shared, please send it to me at Thanks! 

Dog of the Day
Best thing about the Florida show? The dogs! Here's one of my total favorites, Jack, who was with a couple artists in the show. Isn't he adorable?  

A Final Thought

"There is no great honor than supporting someone's growth 
and evolution as a human being."

- Ellie Burrows

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