Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Oil on canvas, 12x12

A few years ago, after Looie, our Pekingese, died, Peter began looking for a dog for him. A dog of his heart. Looie had been this - as much as Looie, with all his self-possession and ego could be any human's dog - but Peter saw me with Jojo and wanted that same sort of relationship. 

After months of searching through probably hundreds of rescue and shelter sites, Peter found Abigail, a Plotthound, who was being fostered by a woman named Christine, in North Carolina. Peter and Christine chatted over the internet, Christine had him fill out an adoption application form, and when she gave him the nod, off he went. 

According to both Christine and Peter, it was love at first sight. Abby hadn't taken much to men, but she played with Peter, gave him the paw, and recognized him as her human. She's been a great addition to our household - as have Koko, Doc and Lulu, all of whom came from Christine! 

You don't meet many people in your life who supply you with joy, love and family, but Christine has done all that and more. I'll always be grateful - and always think of Christine herself as part of our little family. 

Good thing I'm going away today, as I'm running out of fun photos to share with you! So I am revisiting my paint-cap contest photo. People always wonder how much paint I use, so last March, I started saving caps. At the end of March of this year, I'll count them all up. Whoever comes closest, without going over, will get a free 10x10, or $125 off a larger painting! Send your guesses to me at

It's my pal George. I might have used this already, but I figured we all need a laugh - and George is on his way to Arizona with his pal Henry and their humans, Cynthia and Kevin. We're all meeting in Tubac, and will take place in the art festival there, Feb. 8-12. Yay! Maybe George will wear his hat? 

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