Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pulaski Farm - and the Joys of Being Home

Pulaski Farm
Oil on canvas, 20x20

I'm home, and I'm so glad to be home! 

The Origins Painting Trip was wonderful. I made paintings that I really like, I spent great time with my dad and stepmother, and with friends in and around Tubac. And I learned a lot, painting on the Navajo reservation where I was born. It was enlightening to be on the reservation for an extended period, and it was a little depressing, as well. 

The show in Memphis had its moments, but only one sale, so that was a bit of a bleak ending to the trip. But I got home safe and sound, and am overjoyed to be with Peter again, and with the dogs, and to be sleeping in my own bed and painting in my little studio. 

The spring and summer show schedule is starting to get fleshed out, and I'm happy to have a few weeks to paint and build up some inventory before it all starts. 

Here are a few of the paintings from my trip! 

Rocks, Fort Defiance, 10x10

Off Navajo Road, 20x20

Light and Shadow, 10x10

Dog of the Day

It's Jojo, the dog of my heart. Was she ever happy to see me when I got home! And it was mutual. 

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