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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What? Wheat?

Eureka! Wheat! Oil on stretched canvas, 20x20

I have a good connection, so I thought I'd upload this one this morning, just in case...

The sun was setting as I neared Eureka, Kansas. On the north side of the road, wheat fields stretched on and on, catching the warmth and color of the afternoon. I turned around, a move that interested a group of large black cows, and found a safe spot to paint.

At my back, the sun headed toward the horizon. In front of me, the colors deepened. The wind picked up. Cars and trucks blew by. Many honked their horns at me. Then, everything fell away, and my entire consciousness became color, and the wheat, and the light, and the blue and red shadows, and I painted until it was nearly dark, and I was spent and happy.


Sheila said...

Like this Carrie. Great find on the fence!

Spiritartartist said...

OK, a big one... Now we can see it better.. Thanks!!

Jill said...

Look at that sky!