Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Edge of the Salt Pond

 Edge of the Salt Pond, Misquamicut
Oil on canvas, 10x20, please contact me for price and delivery options

There is something in a gray day that frees the soul to feel. There's not the forced smile of a sunny morning, the necessary cheer of a brilliant afternoon.

On a gray day, if you're feeling happy, it's a bonus. If you're feeling gray, well, it's expected.

To find color and movement in a gray afternoon is a treat for me as a painter. The wind was blowing yesterday near the breachway in Misquamicut, and there was little color in the field, or the winter-drained reeds or the tonal marsh. The tide was out, the sun was in, and the clouds scudded quickly on the wind.

By the time I finished, the sun had come out a little - but just for a peek and a wink.

I painted this one with just a few colors - an experiment in a compressed palette.

My painting in the landscape
Here are the colors I used... Blick Lemon yellow, Holbein Naples yellow, Holbein gray/green, Rembrandt transparent orange oxide, Rembrandt indigo, Holbein light red bright, and Classico turquoise.


Elissa said...

Love the painting in the context of the scene. I have yet to try a plein air painting.

Carrie Jacobson said...

Thanks! I hope you try plein air - it's reallly fun. You have to be speedy, paint before the light changes much, so it focuses your painting - the wallkill river school plein air group starts this Sunday, in Museum Village in Montgomery. I am going to try to go - you should go. The first class and lunch are free. There will be a demonstration, then you paint for a couple hours and have lunch (supplied) and a critique (gentle). It's GREAT!