Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Training Sheepdogs

Training Sheepdogs
Oil on canvas, 24x30
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I was trolling around the backroads between Fryeburg, Maine, and North Conway, NH, when I came upon a small group of people, a small group of dogs and a harried-looking clutch of sheep.

It was a sheepdog clinic. The canines were young and inexperienced, and a stocky farmer guy was training dogs and owners alike.

It was pretty fascinating. For the most part, the dogs clearly have the chasing gene - but have to learn the commands. One of the dogs was reluctant to chase, and the farmer guy dragged him over near the sheep and exhorted him, and he took off, as speedy and determined as any of them. My guess is that that dog's been yelled at for chasing...

The rest, though, got a gleam in their eye right away, as they went after the poor, overchased sheep. It was great fun to watch, and I'd have stayed all day, were I not supposed to be at a wedding.

It's such a miracle when any of us, humans or animals, finds his true purpose in life. I can tell you from experience that it feels like nothing else. The whole world seems to open up and shine with life, and possibilities seem endless.

Hope to see you at the Paradise City Arts Festival this weekend! I'll be in the Morgan Barn, Booth 317. Please come and say hi.

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Ann Gorbett said...

Love the energy and colors in this painting, Carrie.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Ann - I do, too, I must say. I was a bright and windy day, and everything was moving - and I feel I captured that pretty well - the dog could use a little more muscle, but I'm going to do this painting larger, and will work on that.

Unknown said...

Hey! Great piece. The stocky farmer guy lives down the street from me. In the sheepdog world, he is quite the celebrity. His name is Roger Deschambeault,his farm is Nearfield Farm. Nice guy.

carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Catroina! Thanks for the note and the info. I have the guy in the photo, and if I paint it again, I'll put him in it. Great to know I was watching a star! (The guy was amazing).