Monday, July 18, 2011

A Charmed Day

My booth at Art on Groton Bank

I had a lovely and charmed day at Art on Groton Bank on Saturday. 

I had set up my booth (in the shade! Yay!) and was talking to someone when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person who looked familiar, but out of place. As in, when worlds collide. 

Sure enough, it was Cindy, a woman who had been at the Wickford show a week earlier. She and I had had a lovely conversation about art, and life, and she and her husband, who was every bit as gentle and sweet as she was, bought a painting from me. 

They live up near Wickford. But on Saturday, they came down to Groton to see Art on Groton Bank, say hello, look at my work and buy more paintings! 

It is hard to express what this means to me. It brings tears to my eyes on this hot Monday morning, really. Any time that a collector comes into your life, it is a blessing and a gift. To have this kind couple go out of their way and seek me out to see more work and buy more paintings is one of the riches experiences you can have doing this, I think. 

But the story goes on! Eric had found a painting that he liked, and Cindy kept looking and looking, and finally asked me about a painting she'd seen on my website. I couldn't get it from her description - so I got out the computer and we looked through the website. Still couldn't find it. 

Eric suggested that she look on the site when she got home, and get in touch with me. While they were discussing it, I remembered that I'd brought a couple extra paintings (my little box of optimism), and I pulled one out to show them. 

This was a painting I'd made of the back yard, as the sun was setting on a gorgeous afternoon. It's always been one of my favorite paintings, and yet it hadn't sold and hadn't sold and hadn't sold. It's one of the touchstone paintings, where my style changed, and so I thought that perhaps I should keep it. So I had put it in a box in the garage and sort of lost it for a while. But for some reason, it showed up and I put it in my box and brought it to the Art on Groton Bank show. 

I pulled it out and said, well, "I have this other painting that I haven't hung," and Cindy turned around and her face lit up and she said: "That's the ONE!" 

Sure enough, it was the one she'd fallen for on the website. 

So this sweet couple bought two paintings from me on Saturday, and made my day on many levels. 

Art on Groton Bank was a lovely event this year, sunny and happy and with a good crowd and sales for many of us. Chris Rose of the Gallery at Lighthouse did an excellent job putting the show together, and I have high hopes that it will continue.

The world headquarters of Jacobson Arts is in Gales Ferry, CT.

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