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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dawn on the Marsh, Essex

Dawn on the Marsh, Essex
Oil on canvas, 16x20, $380

The Wickford Outdoor Art Festival turned out to be wonderful for me on many levels.

For starters, many of my paintings sold. Eight or nine all together, I believe. They were bought by people who absolutely loved them. People who lost their hearts to the paintings. And I got to see that happen.

It's great to have the income, yes, indeed it is. I am, after all, on my way to supporting us by making and selling art. But in addition to the income, and far more meaningful and lasting, is the interaction with people, especially with the people who buy my paintings.

People at Wickford - buyers and lookers alike - seemed to go out of their way this time to share their feelings with me. The buyers, especially, did.

In that interaction, it seems, there is the very best of humanity. I love hearing their stories. I love hearing about their lives, and knowing that, in many ways, the paintings that I made have sparked their willingness to share - and often, these people are sharing very deep feelings, very intimate moments in their lives.

It enriches me, these interactions, and I hunger for them and thrive on them. And I am grateful.

The world headquarters of Jacobson Arts is in Gales Ferry, CT


Mark Sheeky said...

Well done on the sales. I agree, it's meeting the people that make festivals worth doing.

Carrie Jacobson said...

Thanks, Mark. It is wonderful. And especially great when sales accompany!

Brandon said...

Hello Carrie,

It's really good to hear that you had a great time at the event and sold many paintings and shared life with with people. That's what it's about right!?! :)

Carrie Jacobson said...

Absolutely. Without that, there's nothing. And with that sharing, there is everything.

Thanks for the note, too. You were the first person who ever signed up to follow my blog, and I am happy as can be that you're still there.