Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Field, Newburyport, MA

Summer Field, Outside Newburyport, MA
Oil on canvas, 12x16

The sun was shining on this field, and in the distance, day lilies were blooming around that barn-shaped house. The day was hot, and the sun had that brilliance that it has anywhere near the ocean.

A woman came by as I was finishing this painting and told me that the field had just been purchased by a local greenbelt association, to be kept as green space, open to the public.

She and her dog walked down the path, and I decided to do another painting, a small one I will post tomorrow.

When the woman and the dog came back, he was wet from swimming in a pond in the woods you can see in this painting. He was happy, and wagging his tail, and he shook himself hard before he got into the van.

Time is putting distance between Kaja's death and my heart, and I am grateful. I got through Thursday without weeping, and that is good. My old girl wouldn't want me to be weeping, not for too many days.

And I must get past it, because I am in a big show this weekend in Wickford, RI. I am Tent no. 78, on Elam Street. It is a fabulous show, one of the top in New England, and I am honored to have been accepted. Click here to find out more about the show, or visit!

It's a fine destination if you're looking for something fun to do over the weekend. If you go, please stop by my tent and say hello!

Thank you, everyone who wrote to me and offered me condolences. Your thoughts and words and prayers mean a lot to me.

The world headquarters of Jacobson Arts is in Gales Ferry, CT

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