Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Misses and Fixes

Morning Dew. Oil on stretched canvas, 8x10

Peter's Garden. Now ruined, but to be repaired if possible.

Yesterday morning, I went out early with the dogs. It was not quite 6:30, and the cool night had left a mist in the air and dew on the field. I knew there was something to paint there, but by the time I got my act together, the day had warmed, the mist had burned off and the dew had sunk into the ground.

I painted anyways, a bright and sunny piece that I liked. I left it on the easel, and left the easel on our deck.

In the afternoon, the sky clouded up and thunderstorms rolled in. Peter brought my painting inside and put it on a chair, sitting on the seat and leaning on the back.

Hours later, I noticed that Eunice, one of our cats, had curled up on the pillow on the chair. She'd smeared and smudged the center of the painting to a point where I doubt that it can be repaired.

So today, I found myself awake early. I went out into the yard at 5:30, and painted. This time, I didn't miss the mist.

Within the week, two friends have told me about the dissolutions of their marriages. A part of me was stunned. Another part of me was not.

No one but the partners themselves knows what happens inside any marriage - and I'd guess that even the partners are somewhat in the dark. Really, who among us can look at anyone - including ourselves - and say, "I understand you completely."

If only there were a way to redo a marriage as easily as redoing a painting.


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However, some marriages are better left undone.Sometimes you are better off starting over fresh.