Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Day Sunflowers

Good Day Sunflowers
Oil on canvas, 40x60

I've had a great time this week painting, both in the studio and out in the landscape.

Right now, plein-air painting here on the Eastern Shore involves a lot of exploring. I'm driving down roads that have tantalized me as I've passed them on my way to shows or to the store. I'm looking for vistas I've seen that seem like they'd make good paintings. I'm seeking scenes that people have told me about (sometimes these are fabulous, but more often, I get to the spot and wonder what they saw...)

And I am finding out things about our area, and finding oddities and orts and sights to ponder. It's fun, this process, though it does involve a lot of driving!

I've been enjoying the studio time, too, the sunflowers and other paintings I will post soon. These are destined for upcoming shows, this coming weekend in Roslyn Harbor, NY, at the Nassau County Museum of Art (click here for more info), and then in November in Sarasota and Boca Raton, Florida. Yikes!

Some people have asked about the colors I use. Below is a photo of my palette and a list of my colors. I use Res-N-Gel and Cobra Painting Paste as mediums.

Along the left edge, from top, are cobalt, indigo, sevres blue, king's blue, purple, alizarin crimson, orange and cadmium red. On the right, from top, is cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, naples yellow, transparent orange oxide and my new favorite and the only mixed green I've ever used, yellow green by Richeson. White at the top, medium at the bottom. I use a paper palette in a palette box.

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