Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Oil on panel / 6x8

Remember me? There's been a long, long, LONG hiatus in The Accidental Artist blog, and I do apologize - and hope you all are glad to see this post in your inboxes. 

I finished up my show season in late September, and in October, headed to New England on the Farms & Foliage Painting Trip. You can see the paintings I made by clicking here, and see photos and read stories from the trip on the Farms & Foliage Painting Trip blog, which you can reach by clicking here. 

It was a joyous, color-filled three weeks in New England. I think I landed there in one of the best foliage seasons ever. The leaves glowed as if they were lighted from within.  I had spectacular weather, stayed with great friends and loving family members, and look back on it as one of my best sponsored painting trips. 

Now, I'm busily working on commissions, on the 101 Dogs project - I'm getting near the end! - and I'm applying to shows and planning trips for 2018. Also, I'm taking it a little easy, for just a few weeks. 

One of my projects for the winter is a series of portraits, and maybe portraits with a mixed-media edge. I'm pretty excited about this! My experience tells me these will be hard to sell, if they sell at all, but there's something in my heart that seems to be requiring me to paint them, and so I will, and find out whatever it is that I'm supposed to find out. 

It's good to be back! 

Coming Up

The Eastern Shore Artisans Guild will hold its 15th annual Artisans Guild Studio Tour  on Thanksgiving weekend. This is a grand event, really fun, which takes you all over the Shore to the studios of painters, sculptors, potters, glass-makers and more. 

I'm not in it this year - but I'll be out there, making my way around, visiting studios and buying holiday presents. 

The tour is free, and it's wonderful! If you live on the Eastern Shore, you must go. And if you're thinking of visiting the Shore - especially to see some art - the Tour is a must! 

Dog of the Day

It's three of ours! From left, Doc, Lulu and Koko. 

Want your pet to be the Dog of the Day? Send a photo to me at

A Final Thought

"A blank canvas... has unlimited possibilities." 

- Stephanie Perkins