Friday, July 20, 2018

Three Irises

Three Irises
Oil on black canvas, 16-inch diameter

Shows the past two weekends were successful for me, but were not without their moments of doubt and pain.

In Wickford, Saturday dragged, with only sales of magnets and note cards, and I envisioned a repetition of the Bar Harbor show a couple weekends earlier, where my sales totaled a whopping $8. But Wickford show-goers started buying Saturday afternoon, and continued buying on Sunday. Yay!

At the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Thursday, Friday and Sunday were virtually sale-less,  (again, I am thankful that I had magnets and note cards!) - but Saturday was a good day for sales, and then I had a delightful one on Monday, as I drove home.

I'm immensely grateful for each purchase, be it a $3 notecard or a $3,000 painting. I am well aware of the incredible success I have found in this life, and am grateful for it.

And most importantly, the shows are not only about sales. They are about art, and looking, and conversation and sharing. They are about my paintings touching the hearts of people who see them. Sometimes this results in sales - sometimes, it results in the sharing of experience, life stories, tales of love and hope and faith and loss.

I need to make sales to pay the bills, yes. But I need to hear the stories, meet the people, share the wonder and the hope. At the very heart of the whole process, I believe, this is what it is about.

Happy Buyers

Here are some happy buyers from Wickford and beyond. 

Next post, happy buyers from State College! 

Dog of the Day
Yup, it's a Carolina Dog! I met her in Wickford. Isn't she gorgeous?
 (She looks JUST LIKE our Carolina Dog, Koko)

A Final Thought

"An idea is salvation by imagination." 

- Frank Lloyd Wright