Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams

On Wednesday, I will go over the the Lighthouse Gallery, take my show down, replace the paintings with other paintings, and drive what is essentially my Lighthouse show to Boston for Paradise City.

Chris Rose, curator of the Lighthouse Gallery, came over to my studio the other day to select the replacement paintings, and he put some notions in my head.

One was to try (again) a limited palette. The other was to work on two paintings at the same time.

I like a challenge, and I like Chris, so I tried both - and am I glad I did. I really love this painting. I can't say that I understand it or can explain it. I can't say that it adheres to anything in reality, or to any rules - but it has a soft feeling that really appeals to me. Also I am a sucker for blue, so there you go.

I will post the other painting - this one's opposite, soon.

These are versions of a painting that I think might be the best one I ever did, which was bought by a dear friend of mine at the show in New York. Ellen Levine is the widow of my friend and boss Mike Levine. They both love art - well, loved - and they both love me - and I am honored that Ellen now has the painting - and in a way, is responsible for this one, too.


carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, Shea. I really had fun with this - first, I had the sky yellow, and that was pretty nice, but then I got the idea of blue and purple, and I think it gives the piece a kind of harmony that the yellow sky didn't have - though it was vibrant...

Unknown said...

An outrageous reflection of the artist's inner fire -- plus there is an icehouse -- very nice

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you for the note, James. Ice house, yes, or as I put it sometimes, another in my "big field, little house" series.

So glad you like the painting and took the time to comment. Appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Dreamy for sure. The little house is huddled in the trees like my pup huddles against my shins in the cold rain.