Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Summer's Almost Over

Summer's Almost Over
Oil on canvas, 16x16

September pulls up, quiet and steady and somehow unexpected, no matter how expected. Summer cruises along, and the days are hot and long and sunny and smooth, and all of a sudden, autumn is right alongside, its engine running soft and strong.

It's fueled by shorter days and longer nights, the papery dryness of leaves so very long on the limb. It shows in the lawn crunching  underfoot, and all the garden plants all leggy and thin and tired, no matter how bright their flowers. 

I made this painting from a photograph of my niece, Larkin, and her dog, Archie. The end-of-summer light gleams on the lawn, but an early dusk shades the thickness of the trees and lengthens the afternoon shadows. By next summer, Larkin will be taller, almost a teenager, and almost surely will never feel quite as free and unencumbered - though I hope, of course, that she will. 

WE TOOK JOJO to the vet yesterday, and while there's not much clarity, we did get what might be the beginning of answers. She's very anemic, which could come about for any number of bad reasons. Her lungs don't look good, the vet said, though whether the problem is cancer or bronchitis or some other infection, that was unclear. 

We came home with several bottles of pills, and are to bring her back on Friday for a recheck. Thank you for all your good thoughts and wishes. It means a lot to Peter and me. 

Dog of the Day
One of Cath Lenoci's beauties, waiting for something wonderful to happen. Thanks for sending her! Would you like your pet to be the Dog of the Day? Cats, birds, parrots, hamsters, all are welcome. Need not be of the canine persuasion! 

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A Final Thought

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
- Leonardo DaVinci


Unknown said...

Lovely painting, really captures the hot sun and chilly shade of these late summer days! Thinking of you, and sending very best wishes for JoJo . . . poor pup . . . .

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Ellen. Jojo seems to be doing a little better today. She is a smidge more like herself, and I am hopeful, hopeful! Glad you like the painting, too. I think it's my best painting so far.