Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead
Oil on canvas, 40x60. Commission

I was thrilled to get this commisison - a big painting, tonal, abstractish.

Then I started my Patch job and I thought, uh-oh, I won't be able to do it! I should turn it down!

But I found a way. And I love the painting, just love it.

I've been reading a book that encourages the reader to be courageous, to go places and do things even when she can't see the resolution. Especially when she can't see the resolution.

These are the only times that we are alive, the author says. The past is unchangeable, nailed down, never growing, never changing. As soon as we do that to the present, we deaden it. The thing to do is to go on,  even if you're scared, even if you can't tell how it's going to come out.

Then, you will be at peace. Then, you will be living life with courage.

I'm just reading and thinking and absorbing, searching maybe for ideas, but not necessarily for truth. I will say that living like that is exhilarating. The past three years have been like that for me, and I have loved each minute, and lived a better, richer life than I ever had before. The new gig is much like that, as it is a startup, and it is the unknown, the brave new world.

May we all find the courage to be courageous!

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Robin Weiss said...

Hi Carrie! Amazing! I love this painting! must be so relieved at pulling it off! What a coincidence that I have ALSO got a commission for a 40x60 painting!....but haven't started it yet.....and I am worried as it is a much larger canvas than I am used to....I must read your book!...or somehow find the courage to be courageous!....but you have already given me inspiration to get started.....Congrats on your new job kiddo!!...and thanks!!..=]