Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Power Trio

Power Trio
oil on canvas, 36x48

The other day, about this same time, the moon came up early and full and the color of peach ice cream. The sky was a tender blue-pink that it only seems to reach when there is snow on the ground - and the rising of that moon and the turning of the seasons felt like the rising of my heart, my hand just grasping the knob that will turn for me and and open the door to something new, something with promise - and I said a prayer of thanks and hope - and took a picture, too, just to remind myself.

Here's the same painting, in an early stage. I actually love it like this, and was tempted to leave it. What do you think?


One Woman's Thoughts said...

I love the finished product . . . so colorful and vivid with life. Beautiful.

But I'm really drawn to the starting project though, as it is simplistic and allows the mind to imagine the tranquility of cows in nature.
This is my fav of the two.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, One Woman... One of these days, I will have the courage to just leave it like that. I have left a number of pet portraits like that, and I love them. Like you, I love how simple and suggestive that nearly blank canvas is. Next one, maybe.

Karla said...

I have had fun looking about your art. I love this painting! I am going to feature you on my "blog find of the week" I hope that is ok. Karla

carrie jacobson said...

Karla, thank you so much for making me your blog find of the week! And I am so glad you like my paintings. I really appreciate both.