Monday, June 20, 2011

Chelsea Groton Bank Exhibit

Pieces of mine at the Chelsea Groton Bank on Long Hill Road, Groton

I am having a heck of a summer, in terms of painting and opportunity. My stuff has been selling well and steadily, which gives me all sorts of hope, and makes me worry about the consequences of hoping too much.

I've gotten into a series of good summer shows again:

  • The Wickford Outdoor Art Festival, July 9 and 10, in Wickford, R.I.
  • Art on Groton Bank, July 16, Groton, CT
  • The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, Aug. 13 and 14, Mystic, CT
  • Paradise City Northampton, MA, Oct. 8-10 (Columbus Day weekend)

And there might be more! I am hopeful!

Right now, I am really enjoying this small show of my animal paintings in the lobby of the Chelsea Groton Bank on Long Hill Road. For anyone in the area, the building is on the corner of the little road that goes back to Benny's and the post office, pretty much across the street from CVS and Starbucks.

Chris Rose, who runs the Gallery at Lighthouse, arranged the show. The bank had invited him to invite local artists to exhibit, and I am the ice-breaker.

I am starting to understand what my paintings do to the rooms where they hang. They are really very bright, and they change things. They changed this lobby, that's for sure!

When we were hanging the pieces, someone who works in the building came along, and told us how happy it made her to see something colorful hanging there. She left smiling - and left me smiling, too.

jacobson arts world headquarters is on whalehead road in gales ferry, CT


ach said...

Nice, Carrie. The contribution you make is why you deserve the opportunity.

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you! I never thought of it that way. I tell you what, though, when I see people smile because of my paintings, it sets off a ringing joy in me that is unsurpassed by very much in life.