Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heading Home Again

Heading Home Again
Oil on canvas, 30x36
Well, we are heading home again, or maybe I should say, heading to a new home again.

I have given notice in my job at Patch, and Peter and I are moving to Wachapreague, VA, on the Eastern Shore. With what one friend called "the guts of a burglar," I am going to make my living - our living - by making and selling paintings.

I should be scared - and for a while, I was - but now, I am not. Now, I am just raring to get through these last four days of Patch and launch myself out into this new part of life.

So a little bit more about where we're going... Wachapreague is a tiny village, with a year-round population of about 200. I found it when I was driving back from North Carolina in October. Just felt I should turn down this certain road, and when I got to the end of it, there was this village, and I felt oddly and with certainty that I was coming home.

Wachapreague is about an hour from Virginia Beach, across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

It is on the most pristine salt marsh on the Eastern Seaboard, (here's a map of the town and the marsh...) and one which is extensively monitored, as the Virginia Institute of Marine Science is located in Wachapreague.

So ... my last day of work is Thursday. Friday, I head to Northampton for the Paradise City Art Festival (I am in booth 837, in the main building). The show is Saturday through Monday. Please come! It's a phenomenal show, with tons of great art and craft, and good food, too!

And send good luck my way. Or, as my mother would have said, "Jingle your bells for me!"


Galen McGovern said...

Love it. How much? I will go measure my wall. Get on facebook and listed to 3-4 new songs. Put on in a 'crude' way but there on. Will send link to you tube soon. G

aurbie said...

Beautiful artwork. Wachapreague will keep you busy!
Hope to meet you on one of my trips. I plan on returning for carnival and for some artistic shots.

We can dine at the restaurant. Keep in touch. My husband is an artist, too - a folk artist.

Tom Bushey said...

It's inspiring to see someone following their bliss. Congratulations and good luck.