Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunrise Over the Ocean

Sunrise Over the Ocean

I spent much of yesterday feeling afraid. Uneasy, as one friend put it. Cowering in the face of the change I have brought about in my life. I even wondered, for more than a minute, if Patch would take me back.

Why was I so spooked? Who knows. The sun has not been out for weeks, I have a big show in a new place this weekend, and maybe more than anything, our house has not sold, and for some reason, that just sent me into distress.

But today is another day, and today, I am fighting my fears by taking action.

I have finally moved all my stuff from my Patch computer to my own computer.

As soon as the ground dries just a little more, I am going to set up my tent in the driveway, and practice putting the outer shell on. (I've only set the tent up twice, and never with the roof and sidewalls).

I am working on mapping out a plan that will include marketing, applying to shows, visiting galleries, updating my website and tending to the business side of my business. To do this, I'm using tools that I fought and then adopted on Patch - organizational tools that are not my thing, but damn it, I learned to use them and am putting that learning to work for ME!

And last but far from least, I am going to start a big, huge, bold, bright painting that will be waiting for me when I get back from Maryland!

In the meantime, isn't this a sweet painting? It's from a photograph that my friend Eric sent me from Florida. I am determined to get a handle on pink - and I believe I am getting there.


Chelsea Kelly said...

Fantastic rendition. For me, the colors remind me of flower petals, which really fits wonderfully into the sunrise setting. Something soft and organic like that is hugely fitting for something as soft and lovely as a sunrise. Great piece!

Me Now said...

You are a rock star and you can do it all !

carrie jacobson said...
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carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Shea - I've always thought I liked change, too, but now I am thinking that maybe I like the idea of change more than the actual thing itself? I DO like the feeling of possibility, the excitement of the new, that comes with change. I love that feeling! But the transition - which I guess is the actual change itself - that's what has me flummoxed.

I thought a lot about all of this yesterday, and realized that for 18 months here, I've been working at the absolute edge of my limits, in a totally task-oriented job in which success was determined by my ability to meet or exceed goals - and those goals, really, were set by someone else.

One thing I've realized in the past couple days is that as much as I might like to think of myself as a free spirit, I do my best in a task-ordered, disciplined world, I do. Always have. I like the sense of accomplishment that comes when I meet a goal. I like deadlines and challenges. I think that's why the painting-a-day idea worked so well for me. It was a center pole and everything else was tied to it.

So I am working on building a good structure, that gives me enough tasks to keep me chugging along feeling like I am accomplishing something, and also gives me the freedom to create and let my imagination prosper.

Or that's the plan this morning.

carrie jacobson said...

Yes, Ms. Vincent Van Noe... but am I a real artist??? Or a real artiste???

carrie jacobson said...

Hi, Chelsea! Thanks for the note and the insight, too. I often think of petals when I'm making a painting with a lot of squishy blobs (that's the professional term...) - so it's cool that you saw that in this one!

SLR said...

How did you like working in/with this color palette? did you notice anything different while you were painting this piece?

carrie jacobson said...

Hey, SLR -It was interesting! And a great question, as always. I didn't really think about it at first, but as I was painting, and I began working the colors, I did begin thinking about it and concentrating.

These are all my colors, all regular colors that I use normally, but in different combinations. So that, in itself, is pretty interesting - that business of pushing the colors.

I am really sort of interested in pink, the challenge of pink. I like pink as a color, but struggle with it in my paintings. In sunsets and sunrises, there's often pink, blue and yellow, and I've made dozens of paintings trying to use these colors - usually trying to use them subtly - and never really liking the results.