Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New New Booth!

Newest version of the booth

Well, finally, finally, after much money and sweat - no crying, but some wringing of hands - I have my booth nearly as I want it. 

For a variety of reasons, I've realized that the gray fabric walls just did not work. One reason was simply that it was too hard to put them up. I suspect it's something I was doing, but after installing them, my hands hurt so much I could barely button a button. 

Also, though I thought the gray would be a lovely, neutral backdrop for my paintings, I don't think it did them any good. 

With the white - beautiful and ridiculously easy to install - my paintings pop! I love this set up, absolutely love it. What do you think? I'm always happy to hear comments, pro and con and in between, too.

Want to see it in real life? Come to the Wickford Outdoor Art Festival this weekend, in lovely Wickford, RI. It's all art, and lovely work, really one of the best shows around. I'll be on Elam Street, a block off the main drag. I'll look forward to seeing you!


I said goodbye to one of my favorite paintings this week, the one below, "Autumn in the Yard." I gave it to my sister-in-law, who married her longtime beau, in a beautiful little ceremony in the garden of her log home, just a few miles from here. 

Sue has six dogs, and a passel of kids and grandkids, and they all were there. A couple of the dogs took part in the ceremony, sitting quietly beside Sue and Jim as the JP said the words that united them. 

It was hard for me to part with this one, but I think that means it was a good gift, a gift of the heart. 


SLR said...

Like the new tent, much crisper, tighter.

carrie jacobson said...

SLR, I agree. "Crisper" is exactly the word!