Sunday, July 1, 2012

Marlborough Pond

 Marlborough Pond
Oil on canvas, 10x10

Never in the entire time that I've been painting have I gone this long - three weeks - without painting. Finally, finally, I felt good enough yesterday to set out and give it a try. It was brutally hot - 98 degrees - but it was afternoon, and I was pretty sure I could find shade, so off I went.

While I was driving around, looking for a place that was lovely and had shade, I began to worry that I would no longer be able to paint. After all, painting showed up in my life unbidden. Isn't it possible that it could vanish the same way?

It has not, and I am thankful. I found this lovely pond, I had a great time, and I like this piece a lot!


My next show is the Wickford Outdoor Art Festival, Saturday and Sunday. Please come! I'll be on Elam Street. It's an excellent show, and a lovely little village, and the art is generally spectacular.


Silent Writer's Porch said...

This is Good Art! =) I love it!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Silent Writer! And welcome to The Accidental Artist. It's always good to have a new follower, and artists of all sorts are especially welcome...

Anonymous said...

It is nice! It is alive!
Thank you!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Raventa! It is very alive, isn't it? That makes a good painting, in my book.