Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Help Me With a Title? And Woody Is Improving!

Heading for the Barn - or... ???
Oil on canvas, 30x40

I finished this painting on Tuesday, and I just love it. I love the towering clouds, the ripples coming out from the cow in the pond, that feeling of gathering in, before the storm hits. But I'm having trouble coming up with a title, and could really use some help. What do you think would be a good title? 


OUR LITTLE WOODREAU, I'm happy to say, appears to be responding really well to the antibiotics - and to all your good wishes. He's not in the clear yet, and won't be until the vet tests him again, but he's back to his old self, barking, scampering, annoying our Samoyed... The downward trend had been so gradual that neither Peter nor I had noticed that Wood wasn't really up to par. It is great to see his energy and verve. Thank you for all your good thoughts.  In the photo, Woody is in the front, with his best pal Jojo just waking up in the back. 

 I HAD A GOOD show in Rockville, MD, this past weekend.  A few paintings sold, show-goers were very supportive, and I have the promise of some commissions. Also, I made some changes to my booth display that are going to benefit me in many ways, if I can find the courage to keep going with them.

Above, my booth as I originally set it up. After sitting and staring at it for most of Saturday, and making no sales,  I edited it, taking out a bunch of paintings. the result, below, is much cleaner and, I think, more inviting. It's psychically difficult to take paintings down, though, because if people can't see them, of course, they can't buy them. But I think that people can't see them if there are so many in the booth. And I might take out one or two more, now that I look at it again.


WHEE! THAT'S MY painting, on one of the posters advertising the show  
last weekend. This is a huge honor, and I am just thrilled! 
As soon as I found out, I hung the poster in my booth. 


 Happy buyers, and such nice people, with two of the paintings that sold over the weekend. Their pleasure in my work was wonderful to behold, and I'm happy, knowing these pieces are going to good homes.

Uh, Dog - well, sort of... - of the Day

Some people bring dogs to the show. I've seen a couple cats, a parrot and two ferrets. But I've never seen a lizard. And this one - a chuckwalla - was in a baby carriage, to boot. 

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