Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Night on the Marsh - and Sheds Galore!

Last Night on the Marsh
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100


It was Wednesday, New Year's Eve, and the sun was setting quickly as I walked by the marsh with Jojo. We weren't out for a long walk, just a shortie, just to make Jojo happy, and to breathe a little energy into my cold bones, and uncramp me after a day of painting in the studio.

The marsh was breathless and silvery and still, and we hurried home. I put Joey inside, and gathered my paints and went out. It was cold enough that I sat in the doorway of the van and made this painting - and another that I will post later - while the sun set on 2014.

Eventually, Peter came along with Abigail. But before and after that visit, no one walked or drove along. The only sound was the call of seagulls and, up high, a caroling V of Canada geese.

It was a good year, full of hope and promise, family and friendships, art and adventure and a sense of possibility. It felt perfect to finish it with a couple of quiet paintings, here at home.

WIindow Rock
PLEASE CONSIDER SPONSORING me on my upcoming Origins Painting Trip! You can get on the bus for as little as $50. A $125 sponsorship gets you a 10x10-inch painting that I make on the trip, and a larger sponsorship gets you a bigger painting. All the sponsorships give you access to a special, sponsor-only blog, postcards from the road, chances to win fabulous prizes - and my eternal gratitude.

I'll be painting in and around Fort Defiance, Arizona, where I was born. That landscape is what I saw first in life, and I'm looking forward to discovering the links and ties and emotional heartbeats that it holds for me now.

For more - including photos of the area, and of me and my parents, and my first dog, way back in 1956 - click here, to get to the Origins Painting Trip page of the Jacobson Arts website.  And thank you!

Shed Crazy
There are even more sheds than you can see in this photo! 
This is on Route 13, in Temperanceville (I think). Wouldn't you love to have that many sheds? 

Dog of the Day

Puppy! Cute! 
Want your pet to be the Dog of the Day? Email me a photo! It's

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