Thursday, January 15, 2015

Light Beneath the Clouds - and the Funniest DOD Ever!

Light Beneath the Clouds
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100 plus shipping

I love this painting because it captures that eerie, greenish light that you get beneath the clouds when a thunderstorm is moving in. I think it's mostly created by the combination of the purple and yellow in the sky, and a pop of light on the field and the roof of the main building. 

I'm continuing to love the black canvases, and the ragged edges of the painting showing on it. What do you think? 


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'Nuff said

Dog of the Day

IN THE KITCHEN, where I do my morning computer stuff, I sit at a gateleg table. Usually, the extra part of the table is down, but the other day, it was up. So when the dogs came into the kitchen, clamoring to be let out, I didn't see Woodreau. Then he was in the scrum of dogs at the door, and I still didn't see him. But when he got to the bottom, I just had to laugh. He'd somehow gotten one leg and his tail through a leghole and the waist of a pair of Peter's briefs. The sight has kept me laughing for days. 

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