Thursday, February 22, 2018

Never No More Blues

Never No More Blues
Oil on black canvas, 18x36

Out here in Arizona, I've been loving life - and missing home. How I can have such conflicting emotions at the same time - both strong, both true, both deeply felt - amazes me, but seems to be a fact.

Friends of my dad's and stepmother's bought this painting yesterday, and I saw it hanging in their dining room, and it is stupendous. I'll get a photo next week and post it. It's so great how a painting or any art can change a room, alter an attitude, bring a smile. I love this painting, and am so glad it's hanging in a home where it's adored, and where it hangs with other beautiful pieces.

Fountain Hills

This weekend, I am off to the Great Fair at Fountain Hills, near Scottsdale. This is a gigantic show, with nearly 500 artists. I'm excited - and hoping that my art does not get lost in such a crowd. Also, I am hoping that I don't get lost in such a crowd. The photo above shows last year's festival - yikes! 

If you're in the area, or have friends in the area, please come to the show. I'm in Booth A-27, beside my friend, the talented painter Brenda Peo (check out her work here). 

Dog of the Day
It's little Woodreau, scruffy and fluffy and in need of a haircut, but looking just about as cute as a dog can look. Peter sent me this pic, along with pictures of the other dogs - and daffodils blooming at the side of the house! I miss home so very much. 

A Final Thought

"Whatever the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth - whether it existed before or not." 
- John Keats

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