Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Duck Butts

Duck Butts / oil on black canvas / 5x7 / $68 including shipping
Please email me at carrieBjacobson@gmail.com if you would like to buy this painting

I SEE THE DUCKS AND GEESE in Wachapreague in the winters, or anywhere, for that matter, diving into such frigid water, wet and small in the face of the biting, icy wind, and it seems impossible that they don't get cold, that they don't just die from exposure. 

I guess that's part of what it means to be a duck. It is part of the duck's world. And maybe they look at us and wonder - why don't those creatures walk so much - are they just too stupid to fly?  


A Thought for the Road

April is a Dog's Dream

april is a dog's dream
the soft grass is growing
the sweet breeze is blowing
the air all full of singing feels just right
so no excuses now
we're going to the park
to chase and charge and chew
and I will make you see
what spring is all about

- Marilyn Singer

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