Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bright Light, Big Prairie

Deming, New Mexico. Oil on stretched canvas, 12x12

It had been a long, hot day of driving when I pulled into Deming, New Mexico, on my way to Tubac, Arizona, to see my dad.

I'd started the day in Midland, Texas, after a virtually sleepless night. The wind buffeted the van all over the highway, and when I stopped at Sand Hills State Park in Monahans, Texas, I could hardly see, let alone paint (I got one cool photo of this place, though. You can check it out at Go to "Carrie's paintings," and look at " some cool photographs").

I kept at it, though, pushing past El Paso, and then climbing up to Las Cruces just as the afternoon sun began to warm the colors of the fields. By the time I got to Deming, I was aching to paint, and so I did.

To the left of where I stood to make this painting, a house/restaurant sat, sagging into deterioration. But even that building looked like it had potential, in the warm light and clean, high-prairie air.

People who know the area couldn't quite understand my interest. But I think this painting says it all.

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